PSFK Conference April 2 NYC

Psfk april 09 NYC

PSFK is hosting a Conference in New York City, April 2.  

This panel looks especially  interesting. 


Creative agencies are making more products and services to launch direct to market rather than through their clients. Moderated by Danielle Sacks, (Fast Company) including Bart Haney (Fuseproject),  Carl Johnson, , (Anomaly), Ben Malbon (BBH Labs), and Robbie Vitrano (Trumpet) will discuss the pursuit of intellectual property by forward-thinking companies and the motivations behind this movement. 

This sounds a little like the Brand Nursery idea I was kicking around a couple of years ago…except of course its much better, thanks to Piers' rather more robust creativity, and this intelligently crafted topic and panel.  

If capitalism is now increasingly about the idea, perhaps its wrong to make the corporation the locus of idea production.  If our economy is now, variously, an innovation, knowledge, relationship, gift or concept economy, it makes sense to add a third term to the usual dyad.  In addition "production" and "consumption," we need something like "ideation."  

Hollywood is good at separating out the various functions.  It's good at allowing creativity to exist free of the apparatus that will bring it into the world and manage its production of value there.  The panel organized by Piers and moderated by Sacks promises a structural innovation of this kind for the branding world. 

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