branders brand, consumers speak

Look how great this is.  It's a promotional video for the novel called Lowboy by John Wray.  (Brilliantly reviewed by James Wood in the March 30 New Yorker).  Subway riders read from the novel while travelling.  Wonderful. 

We can see why they did it.  The novel is set in a subway.  But for branding purposes, this is metaphorically apt.  The brand will begin with the brander.  But it will take its cadence and phrasing from the consumer.

Well, actually, the consumer is still more involved.  Not just reading someone else's words, but supplying their own meanings to boot.  But still. 

2 thoughts on “branders brand, consumers speak

  1. Scott Ellington

    Customers customize, but that don’t make ’em performers who own the chapter and sell every line they read.
    It’s a wonderful idea for a spectacular approach to storytelling that’s beautifully executed in recent PBS promos.

  2. kedar

    the subway as a setting, instead of the author in a studio, is perfect because that’s where most reading happens anyway.

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