The puzzle of True Blood

This is what success looks like.  These are the numbers for the HBO show True Blood over 12 shows. 

The DVD sales for the show are sensational: 1.2 million units, grossing some $41 million in revenue in 6 weeks of sale. 

At, Robert Seidman wonders whether it’s a spillover success from Twilight.  He also wonders whether there is a gay audience for the show.  It is, in any  case, a very good show. 

For once, I’m not speculating.  That’s your job.


Seidman, Robert.  2009.  Are Gays Driving the Tremendous DVD Sales for HBO’s True Blood. here.  (source for the numbers charted here)

2 thoughts on “The puzzle of True Blood

  1. CreativeSpark

    I loved how Mr Seidman says “I think a lot of gay people are buying the DVDs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! ”

    Yes, of course there’s a gay audience for the show. As there was for The Wire, Dexter, Weeds and any number of other “above the cut” TV shows. The interesting question he could have asked is… why?

    The eye candy? Not really, though as he says, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”.

    The “marginalised subculture/community” storyline? Mmm, recurring TV theme in everything from Battlestar Gallactica to X-men. Probably not, though again it doesn’t hurt.

    It might just be that it’s good TV. It’s certainly what keeps me, one of its “gay audience” watching. The idea that it needs to be more than that, have some kind of hidden gay pheromone, seems kind of insulting. Perhaps we could just drop back on the stereotype of the gay community as being educated, discerning and a bit of a “cultural trend radar” and wonder if it’s a reflection of the quality of the show. In which case it’d be interesting to run the numbers with other shows. Could there be a correlation? Could it be a predictor of success? Should bored viewers flicking for something good to watch consult the gay ratings to see if there are any sleeper hits they’re missing out on?

    Oh look, who am I kidding? It’s full of hunks half-dressed in black leather hanging out at sex bars. We all love a good reality show.

    😉 Marc

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