Milla Jovovich (maximum mobility)

Jovovich This month Town and Country shows Milla Jovovich sporting an Oscar de la Renta silk-satin gown with beaded strap ($4890.00). 

Maxim shows her removing a tank top by Enza Costa (price unspecified). 

It is one of those glorious moments when two parts of our extended, dispersive culture wrap around and touch.  Glorious and rare.  Surely, this is the first time anything featured in tony Town and Country has appeared in laddish Maxim.  The wonder is that Jovovich has range enough to appear in both. 

Are there any other actresses in Hollywood with this range?  It's not acting range, exactly.  Something more like cultural range or cultural mobility.  Who, do you think…and why? 

That's the narrow question.  The broader questions: are we less siloed than we used to be.  Does every actress have more mobility than before?  Is something happening at Town & Country?  Your thoughts, please.


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7 thoughts on “Milla Jovovich (maximum mobility)

  1. Rick Liebling

    I’m sure there are other examples, but here’s what I see: First, being model-beautiful helps. Highbrow or low, beauty sells. Next, while her acting career is uneven (to be kind) she has appeared in movies like the Resident Evil series which just reaches out far enough to touch Maxim, but also Million Dollar Hotel (directed by Wim Wenders) gives her just enough art house cache to be allowed in Town & Country (whom, I’m guessing, is trying to ‘young up’ their old [read: dying] audience). Plus she’s European, so that helps for T&C too.

  2. debbie millman

    Angelina Jolie…nearly. She’d be in Maxim in a minute, and has also been in Vogue. Not sure if she would do Town & Country, but I think if she wanted to give them a tour of her house in New Orleans, they’d jump. Would you agree?

  3. a Milla Jovovich fan

    Milla Jovovich has always had a great range of mobility. Even as a pre-teen, she was one of Revlon’s “Most Beautiful Women in the World” while cutting her acting chops on such low-brow fare as “Married, With Children.” Later her first starring role was in “Return to Blue Lagoon.” She has said in interviews that films like the Resident Evil franchise pay the bills and give her the opportunity to take on more artsy films for her creative needs.

  4. peter

    Debbie — Angelina Jolie is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, so another place she may well appear is in the ultimate anti-glossy mag, “Foreign Affairs”.

  5. Dylan

    yeah i too think its a little excessive to state “Surely, this is the first time anything featured in tony Town and Country has appeared in laddish Maxim.” Just because a magazine has a stereotype has nothing to do with it. Things are reinvented all the time – Burberry for example, once very Maxim, is now far more Town and Country, also there is a cross pollination of journos, writers, sub eds, photos eds, that work across both leading to stories, ideas and clothes featuring in magazines that seem cultural opposed.

    Still, it was a nice observation on your part. but i’d be more interested in the ways this happens more often than we think, not less often.

  6. Anittah Patrick

    Milla has range because she has complexity. She also has staying power. Two decades ago, she was on the cover of a teen magazine in a very similar pose of the one you’ve included on your post: eyes wide, right hand pushing something such that her face was flanked on her left.

    Anyone who allows themselves to be fully dynamic and vibrant can exhibit such range and staying power. It is because they are flexibly responding to the shifting nature of “reality”. Those who have a fixed mindset do not allow themselves to fully respond to their universe, and thus, are their own captors and continuously box themselves into a narrow definition of self.

  7. Anittah Patrick


    Anecdotally re: Angelia Jolie & the CFR, her appointment was greatly debated by the powers that be and is one that was primarily done because they’re having a hard time garnering interest among the younger demo (/need cash now). Amongst celebrities, it seemed that Jolie was the best pick, though rest assured that behind closed doors it was hotly contested within the CFR.

    IMHO it would have been more effective for the CFR to hire a translation engine and/or throw a party like the Whitney Art Party — attended by hot cosmopolitanites. “The Council on Foreign Relations wants you to experience some foreign relations.” etc. etc. 😉

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