Meeting up in Chicago and Detroit

IStock_000006021354XSmall I am going to be in Chicago on the afternoon of Friday November 6 and Detroit on the afternoon of Sunday the 8th.  Does anyone want to meet for coffee?

We did this in SF a week or so ago and it turned out beautifully.  About 12 of us ended up in a coffee shop/bakery sort of thing.  I wasn't sure we would find something to talk about.  (I just knew I didn't want it to be me.)  We had a lively time.  We just rambled and it was fun.

There is another possibility.  If someone has a hall (or a big room of any kind, really), I would be happy to do my slide show on the Chief Culture Officer argument.  That's before and after we chat over coffee, that is.  (It's official. I've become a shill machine and will remain so for the next 6 weeks.)

Let me know if you are interested in either eventuality.  Send an email to me at 

3 thoughts on “Meeting up in Chicago and Detroit

  1. Cynthia Young

    I hope you all have a lot of fun! The San Fran conversation was so great that we started a facebook group “Everyday Culture Officers.” Friends in Chicago & Detroit are welcome to join in too!

    Grant – thanks again for the coffee shop tour!

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