New media now

The tide is really turning.

Just when you think the corporation is never going to get it, you hear somebody from corporate headquarters sing a rendition of the new media song that is virtually note perfect.

Plus the speaker has all those qualities that corporate players usually bring to the game: relentless, inexorable, indefatigible.

Thus spake Jeff Hayzlett at Kodak tonight in NYC.

New media now

2 thoughts on “New media now

  1. Dr. Tom Guarriello

    Jeff is a leader in corporate use of social media, for sure. Like all leaders his vision far outstrips that of most of his colleagues. He’s also quite a character, as I’m sure you saw.

    The corporations very DNA, as you suggest with the Darwin image, must change if it is assimilate the cultural changes heralded by these new production/communication technologies. There’s no doubt about direction, the major question being the pace at which individual companies realized the implications and take up their not-insignificant challenges.

  2. kedar

    good that this wikipedia page on him is set to expire. i was just listening to him on youtube and i can tell he’s not a boring guy (the shirt under the jacket was a good one). why would he ever want a corporate fluff piece to serve as an about-page? maybe, even his executive biography on Kodak’s own site can do with a rewrite.

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