Anthropologist goes all roller derby

This is me this morning at KZOK-AM (CBS) "The Bob Rivers Show" in Seattle.  (I’m promoting Chief Culture Officer.)

With me, four women who belong to the Dock Yard Derby Dames, a local roller derby team. They were also doing the Bob Rivers Show.  (This proved to be really interesting.  Bob is an incisive and gracious interviewer.)

The woman grimacing is Mytai Smashya.   Or maybe that’s "Mytai Smashya?"  (aka "Might I Smash you?") I am still trying to choose my derby name.  

Clearly, I also have to work on the attitude.  Less smiling.  The hat’s good though.  The D stands for Derby.  Watch for me at a rink near you. References More details on the Dock Yard Derby Dames here.