Real Time Transformation

Have a look at this ad.

It’s from Liberty Mutual. It shows impact beginning at one end of a car and running through till it exits the other end. Accident becomes repair. Almost instantaneously. Fantastic.

It reminds me of an ad for Acura (I think), that shows shop windows changing in real time and restaurants in a constant state of renovation. It reminds me of that fantastic passage in the book by Sarah Thornton about the club scene in London where she sees dance fashion changing in the course of a single song.

This is the terminus (if that’s not absolutely the wrong word, and it is) that awaits us in our present trajectory, a culture where everything streams with change all the time.

Here is the creative team, to whom, hat’s off!

Advertising Agency: Hill Holliday, Boston,
USA Creatives: Michael Shaughnessy, Scott Noble
Producer: Alex Vainstein
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Stylewar DP: Barry Peterson
Producer: Tim Kerrison
Editing Company: Bugg Editorial NY
Post Production: The Mill / Los Angeles
Exec Producer: Sue Troyan
Producer: Asher Edwards
Telecine: Fergus McCall – The Mill / New York
Lead Flame: Chris Knight
Flame Assist: Ant Walsham
Combustion: Shane Zinkhon, Gavin Camp
Lead CG: Robert Sethi
CG: Dan Marum, Matt Longwell, Jamie O’Hara
Art Support: Steve Cockonis


Thornton, Sarah. 1996. Club Cultures: Music, Media, and Subcultural Capital. Wesleyan.


This post was lost in the Networks Solutions debacle of 2009.  It is being reposted December 25, 2010.