Calling London (CCO Bootcamp)

I am thinking about doing a Culture Camp on Friday, May 28th, in London.

Time is short.

I don’t have a space yet.

The fee is likely to be 100 pounds.

It’s an entire day. We will look at American culture in the morning (with thoughts on UK and global variations) and how to do the Chief Culture Officer thing, in the afternoon.

Please, would you drop me a line if you might like to attend. Send me an email at

Praise for the Boot Camp we held in NYC in February:

Steve Nasi: The Bootcamp was a marvelous day. Amazing to be in a room full of so many folks yearning to bring a deeper kind of cultural thinking to their brands, agencies, corporations, endeavors. And the content was a brilliant mix of deep thinking and accessible content, slow and fast culture and more. It was inspirational to say the least. My poor wife had to deal with me going on about it at length. Despite this, she’s gunning to go next time.

Heather LeFevre: I really enjoyed the CCO bootcamp this weekend – was totally worth the trip from Amsterdam. better than the typical planner conference where the speaker takes an hour to recap their book – I really appreciated that you gave us information that was NOT in the book that I felt I can use in my work.

Gail Brooks: Thank you so much for bringing us the CCO boot camp! An invaluable use of my time.

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  1. Rick Liebling

    As an attendee at the NYC bootcamp, I’ll confirm the comments above. I got more actionable insights from that day than a week at work. Great material, presented in Grant’s uniquely engaging style. Well worth the price of admission.

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