Oh, thank goodness

Faithful readers will have noticed that This Blog has been down for a full month.

We were hit by the malware attach that caused Google and Firefox to warn away visitors.  

I have to say Network Solutions has been spectacularly unhelpful.

Use "Network solutions" and "malware" as your search terms in Twitter, and you will see that this attack is "epidemical" as they used to say in the 18th century.  The nightmare continues for many.  Network Solutions as acted with the cavalier disregard of the public utility it once was.  Bad brand, bad!

We have abandoned it and good riddance.

But we didn’t get off scotfree.  We lost all the blog posts since December 18th, 2009.  This too is thanks to Network Solutions which managed to delete the entire database.  Yes, that’s 1.5 million words, and many years of work, made to disappear in a puff of digital smoke. Bad brand, very bad brand.

Were it not for a backup at Foliovision, I would have lost the whole thing.  Good brand! Excellent brand.  (No, but really.  Foliovision has earned my undying gratitude.  Highly recommended for anyone thinking of making the transition from TypePad to WordPress.)  

It looks as if we were going to lose the list of Very Good Blogs, but, happily ,David Armano referenced it a couple of months ago, and this gave us a back up.  Thank you, David. 

So we are back in action.  Thanks for your patience.  And thanks to people who wrote in to give me the head’s up on the malware attack.  

Special thanks to Ana Domb for helping me get This Blog back in place.

7 thoughts on “Oh, thank goodness

  1. Jim

    Welcome back, you were missed!

    Any advice to the rest of the blogging world – do you wish you copied and saved personally every month?

    Let us know how your numbers rebound – small experiment in diffusion.

  2. Carol Gee

    Grant, I am glad I was following you on Twitter to learn you have returned. You have had a horror story, and I feel for you.
    A few months ago, I got a piece of malware on my Blogger blog, (where I first posted March 3, 2005). I was “banned” for a month from it and, also from Twitter. I hated it, enough to hire a Good Geek to come to the house to get me back online. As an Internet Addict, I admit to my powerlessness over the habit of being wired into the web community.
    I can imaging that it was far worse for you with the post losses and also your business vulnerabilities.
    It is good to “see” you again; the new site looks good. Peace to you.

  3. Grant Post author

    Thank you, Jim, David, Carol, Richard and Andrew. It’s very nice to be back. I’m not good in the non-blogging wilderness. It makes my skin itch and my eyes hurt! Grant

  4. Alec

    Glad we kept the backup, Grant!

    Hopefully, you kept some of the weblog posts as drafts somewhere and will have some time to repost the best of them to close the gap somewhat.

    All the best and thanks for the kind words!

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