Back to School Special

I am sorry to have been observing radio silence for the latter part of the summer.  I was working on a proposal for the new book and going to the beach.  Going to the beach?  Not a chance.  I have been working like a trojan.  

I noticed today that the CEO of HSBC is leaving to take a minister’s post in the British government.  I dearly hope this does not mean we will see a change in the enduring campaign that greets us every time we go to the airport.

You know the one I mean.  The one that shows several balds each with a different identifier (style, soldier, survivor).  This is my valentine to the people at JWT for their magnificent work here, and my appeal to the new CEO to leave this campaign (and brilliant ad men and women) in place.  

Company: JWT London
Company: JWT New York
ECD/JWT: Walt Connelly
Company: JWT NY
ECD: Toby Barlow
Company: JWT
Copywriter: Peter Seterdahl
AD/ JWT: Damian Totman
Producer: Dan Heighes
Producer: Hannah Gibson
Produer: Rob Allen/ Jennifer Gulliner
Editor: Antoine Mills
Company: JWTwo
Post Producer: Gina Santanos
Company: Wave Recording
Sound Design: The Mill / Guava
Company: Independent Films Director: Jake Nava
: Independent Films Producer Ben Cooper

2 thoughts on “Back to School Special

  1. Tom Guarriello

    You are one of a select handful of people on the planet who, like myself, still use the phrase, “work like a Trojan” in an unironic manner! Good to have you back slogging at the blog!

  2. Dennis


    This reminds me of the difference between seeing a wink and a blink. The difference between observation and intent. Just observing/seeing the same thing doesn’t mean it should be “read” the same way.

    –Dennis Schleicher

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