Writing and wrestling

For the ancient Greeks, muses inspired the creators of poetry and myth, whispering deathless prose and immortal truths.

My muse are a roller derby team, the Dock Yard Derby Dames.  The brunette scowling is called Mytai SmashYa (aka Might I Smash You).  I met them at the Bob Rivers show on K-ZOK radio in Seattle when I was on tour for Chief Culture Officer.  I have never been the same.

The Dock Yard Derby Dames are a source of constant inspiration on the present book. They keep up a ferocious pace around the track, sometimes pushing, sometimes clearing the way. And when I completely run out of ideas, they pull up beside me, lift me by the elbows, and fling me into the crowd.  This has a way of getting my attention and I return to the track with a firm resolve never to run out of ideas again.  

This post is my way of apologizing for my absence here.  I just have to keep at it.  Because, well you know.  The dames. 

7 thoughts on “Writing and wrestling

  1. Leora Kornfeld

    I can’t believe we haven’t talked about you beoing in KZOK. Need to add to the list for ‘next time’. You and the
    roller girls on Bob’s show is a brilliant pairing, not unlike Hendrix backing up the Monkees on their ’67 tour.
    Oh and I found the podcast of you, Bob, and the Derby Dames. http://www.methings.com/episode/6713957

  2. Leora Kornfeld

    wow, insane spelling above…apologies…sometimes the fingers and the brain are not n-sync.

  3. Grant Post author

    Leora, I can’t get the link to work! But things for the fine detective work. The Dames will be pleased to know they have a shot at immortality. Ah, me too. Grant

  4. Leora Kornfeld

    here’s the descrip: maybe the link will work later?
    do you recall the segment on the complaint callers on joe? (see below)

    The Bob Rivers Show, January 19, 2010 4

    Play Now –>

    DATE : Tue, 19 Jan 2010 00:00:00 -0800
    Entered in Database : 2010-01-19 08:00:00
    length : 15733029
    Link to the Show / Show Notes

    More on Bob’s story; Grant McCracken, author of Cief Culture Officer; Roller Derby Girls in the studio; Complaint callers about Joe

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