Celebrities invade the corporation

Please come have a look at my post at the Harvard Business Review Blog on the good and bad aspects of the corporation using celebrity as a “creative director.”  

Please come comment!  Thanks.  

At the moment, I am in Schaumberg, Illinois.  I spend yesterday working with people in the Convenience store industry.  Very interesting.  

The image to the right is the work of Ruby Karelia, a Vancouver blogger and artist.  It is used by permission. See Ruby’s blog here.

As Ruby likes to put it, she uses her blog “to report from her childhood.”  

2 thoughts on “Celebrities invade the corporation

  1. John McCreery

    Just did. Expressed some skepticism that all celebrities can be stereotyped as totally self-centered. Cited Arnold Schwarzenegger, who my Japanese co leaguers told me was Gretchen to work with.

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