WGBH listeners, welcome

Hello to those who just heard me speak on WGBH.  I was grateful that Callie mentioned this website, but I am a little unprepared!

Please have a look around.

Those who are interested in following up my argument about American material culture might like the following essay:

McCracken, Grant. 2005. “‘Homeyness’ A Cultural Account of One Constellation of Consumer Goods and Meanings.” Culture and Consumption II.  Indiana University Press, pp. 22-47.  Available on Amazon here.

Thanks for listening!

3 thoughts on “WGBH listeners, welcome

  1. Jon Goldmann

    Do you have a hyperlink to that essay? I’d love to give it a read. I’m just about through Plentitude 2.0 and am grabbing a copy of CCO as soon as my roommate is done with it.


    1. Grant Post author

      Jon, I’m sorry I don’t have a hyperlink to the essay. Thanks for having a look at Plenitude and CCO! Best, Grant

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