5 thoughts on “How one becomes two (by forsaking three)

  1. Erik Sloth

    Hi Grant
    This mail address: grant27@gmail.com. does not function.
    But Thanks for the proposition. looking forward to be invited.


    Erik Sloth

    Partner Strategic Planner
    Campfire & Co
    Aarhus School of Business

    E.: esl@asb.dk

  2. John McCreery

    From a design perspective, I notice that the language is English and the typical English reading pattern top to bottom, left to right. Thus, while superficially symmetrical, the reader is nudged toward the combination intelligent and emotionally stable and good-looking subtly damned.

    1. Grant Post author

      Acute observation. Pushed toward the reasonable choice! What will they think of next!

  3. Pamela Rutledge

    I might conversely argue that the triangle most resembles a circle, where
    the mental model/metaphor might draw from a clock face. The inclination would then be to read clockwise. This would nudge the reader toward the less reasonable and perhaps more quickly ascertainable intelligent and good-looking, unless the cognitive load of the conundrum
    just results in a snort of appreciation.

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