2 thoughts on “Saving Boston from Bostonians!

  1. John Hunter

    I am not sure I understand how Thank Bank is extra beneficial. But the point you make about us be social and affected by what we hear and see I think is important. If we care about increasing some type of activity (things deserving thanks) if we just talk about the good things we see (when talking to others, on our blogs, on social media…) that helps. And if we promote others doing the smae thing (repeat what they say, forward what they wrote…) that helps.

    And if we speak critically about the bad behavior that will also help.

    These are not magic bullets but they will make a difference.

    1. Grant Post author

      John, thanks, I guess the thing about Boston is that good acts drain away and bad acts accumulate. Thank Bank is designed to reverse the flow! Thanks, Grant

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