Full Disclosure at The Economist (an open question for John Micklethwait)

The Economist is a pleasure to read for many reasons but what it gives with one hand, it sometimes withholds with the other.  

Who, we wonder, is the author of this wonderful laugh-out-loud bit of book reviewing:

“In quiet moments, Cochrane plays Bach on his lute and whips up pheasant casserole with shallots and Calvados.  But mostly he spends his time gunning down enemies in a taut and well-told tale that ricochets across Europe.”

And who is responsible for this:

The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.” follows the urban misadventures of Nate, an ambitious writer with a book deal, a full head of hair and an impressive capacity for self-forgiveness.”

Please could we have a open-secret website somewhere that reveals who’s written what?


Both reviews appear in the edition of The Economist pictured (Volume 408, Number 8846; July 27th – August 2nd, 2013), pages 70 and 69 respectively.    

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