Strategies of self presentation in a digital age

Cynically speaking, the way we describe ourselves on Twitter is self aggrandizing (“self-branding” in the language of Tom Peters), but I prefer to think of it as an opportunity for endearment.  I love these people.

Mike Duda ‏ @MikeDuda  Co-founder | Consigliere Brand Capital * Marketer * Investor * Rabble-rouser * Orange Fanatic * Barely lost NYC Marathon to 34,566 runners

nick sherrard @nicksherrard as seen on CCTV

Philippa Dunjay ‏ @PhilippaDunjay  likes short walks on the beach before getting out of breath, complaining about all the sand, why is the water so salty, did you just step on a hermit crab?

Geeka ‏ @Geeka   I used to work w/ things that would kill me eventually, now I work w/ things that can kill me immediately.

CHERYL ‏ @CHERYLDANCE  CHERYL is a four-member, semi-anonymous, often cat-masked artist collective based in Brooklyn that throws life-ending dance parties.

@JonesthePoet Gary Jones  BBQ operator, poet, teacher, shaman, dog’s best friend, feeder of critters, seeker of truth, follow my poetry blog, it don’t cost nothin.

@Rick_Hewett Rick Hewett  I run a press/picture agency. Other than that you’ll find me preparing trainee Vikings (my sons) for life or out running.

Andrew Czydel  @AndrewCzydel  Indie Author and Artist. To write is human, to edit divine and to sell is the work of foul creatures that inhabit dark places hence I self publish!

Roberto Greco  @rogre  Polysomething-or-other

Matt Jacobs @mattjacobs5  Director of Integrated Marketing at AMP Agency. Hoping all of my 140 characters get offered spin-off TV shows.

Kevin Schummer @kevinschummer  There is no correct answer, just my answer.

Patricia Verdolino @BRANDQBORO  Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment. – Rumi

Peter Zapf @fogpilot

Mary Wynne Wynter ‏ @mwyn Paradox Huntress. Flower Whisperer. Certified by The Field. Self-wired for Intimacy. Poised for Matriarchy Rising. I Row. I Tango.

Moury Minhaz @MouryM I will do almost anything for a good laugh. I like sarcasm, I have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a side of slice and dice.

A.J. Somerset ‏ @ajsomerset Blurter of obnoxious things. Novelist (Combat Camera). Sometime outdoor writer. Sometime photographer. Shooter of clay targets. Washer of dishes. I do it all.

Mark Holden ‏ @holdenmw  Explorer, wanderer, philosopher, philanderer, creative, mystic, entrepreneur, digital native, speculator, adventurer, dreamer. Over-claimer.

Gavin Donovan Social Media guy @RegusUSA, @Arsenal fan and the greatest wedding dancer of all time. Tweets are my own.

Eric Soderlund ‏ @equalitytime  Post-Mormon Pastafarian Secular Humanist Music-Loving Pontificating Sports Fan

Katie Guiney ‏ @KTG4  gangly, gregarious girl whose ga-ga about alliteration, audrey, art, books, music, marketing, newfoundland, roger ebert, rom-coms, and the three L’s.

LorettaLightningbolt ‏ @LorettaLB  Just another singer/songwriter and promotion/ marketing manager, fighting evil with her cat.

Charlotte Hillenbrand ‏ @crashtherocks One of the Many @madebymany; 70% cocoa solids: 30% mum

Cindy Gallop  @cindygallop  I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.

Sean McGarry  Baltimore; Charleston Expat; Georgia Bulldog; ENTP; Gentleman Scholar; Semi Colon Aficionado.

Jeremiah Orosco  Runner, Gambler, Ultimate Piggie, Money Activator, Part-time Lion Tamer. Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

Nick Maschmeyer ‏ @636e6d Digital  Strategist at Droga 5. Will endorse any product.

Jenn ‏ @ONoesUDidnt  Currently at that awkward stage between birth and death.

Eszter Fehér ‏ @efeher  Local foreigner, marketer, namer, linguister, blogger… Hungarian.

Sara McDonald @Serifm8  I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Emily Balcetis A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move a body. pinterest

Martin Weigel @mweigel thief | charlatan | pedant | contrarian | sceptic | amateur | plagiarist | meddler | Head of Planning, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

LL COOL J @llcoolj. Still learning. Queens, NY.

Scott Lachut ‏ @scottlachut  Director of Consulting @PSFK. After hours Blue Collar Bon Vivant with these dreams inside my head. I’d rather share them with you.

Natarajan Lalgudi ‏ @NatarajanL Cranially ambidextrous & experientially versatile, equally passionate about social anthropology & applied math, equally excited by cricket stats & great food

Andrew Pieterick ‏ @APieterick Student at Wisconsin. Sometimes offensive, mostly ridiculous, always unnecessary.

And the Minerva goes to:

Philippa Dunjay ‏ @PhilippaDunjay

likes short walks on the beach before getting out of breath, complaining about all the sand, why is the water so salty, did you just step on a hermit crab?

All others, please consider yourselves honorably mentioned.

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