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Impression management, Twitter style

Flock-O-MinervasCynically speaking, the way we describe ourselves on Twitter is self aggrandizement.

But I prefer to think of it as an opportunity for endearment. 

I love these people.  

Mike Duda ‏

@MikeDuda Barely lost NYC Marathon to 34,566 runners

nick sherrard @nicksherrard as seen on CCTV

Philippa Dunjay ‏


likes short walks on the beach before getting out of breath, complaining about all the sand, why is the water so salty, did you just step on a hermit crab?

Geeka ‏


I used to work w/ things that would kill me eventually, now I work w/ things that can kill me immediately.



CHERYL is a four-member, semi-anonymous, often cat-masked artist collective based in Brooklyn that throws life-ending dance parties.


Gary Jones  

BBQ operator, poet, teacher, shaman, dog’s best friend, feeder of critters, seeker of truth, follow my poetry blog, it don’t cost nothin.


Rick Hewett  

I run a press/picture agency. Other than that you’ll find me preparing trainee Vikings (my sons) for life or out running.

Andrew Czydel  


Indie Author and Artist. To write is human, to edit divine and to sell is the work of foul creatures that inhabit dark places hence I self publish!

Roberto Greco



Matt Jacobs 


Director of Integrated Marketing at AMP Agency. Hoping all of my 140 characters get offered spin-off TV shows.

Kevin Schummer


There is no correct answer, just my answer.

Patricia Verdolino 


Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment. – Rumi

Peter Zapf 


Mary Wynne Wynter ‏


Paradox Huntress. Flower Whisperer. Certified by The Field. Self-wired for Intimacy. Poised for Matriarchy Rising. I Row. I Tango.

Moury Minhaz 


I will do almost anything for a good laugh. I like sarcasm, I have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a side of slice and dice.

A.J. Somerset ‏


Blurter of obnoxious things. Novelist (Combat Camera). Sometime outdoor writer. Sometime photographer. Shooter of clay targets. Washer of dishes. I do it all.

Mark Holden ‏


Explorer, wanderer, philosopher, philanderer, creative, mystic, entrepreneur, digital native, speculator, adventurer, dreamer. Over-claimer.

Gavin Donovan Social Media guy


@Arsenal fan and the greatest wedding dancer of all time.

Eric Soderlund ‏


Post-Mormon Pastafarian Secular Humanist Music-Loving Pontificating Sports Fan

Katie Guiney ‏


gangly, gregarious girl whose ga-ga about alliteration, audrey, art, books, music, marketing, newfoundland, roger ebert, rom-coms, and the three L’s.

LorettaLightningbolt ‏


Just another singer/songwriter and promotion/ marketing manager, fighting evil with her cat.

Charlotte Hillenbrand ‏


One of the Many


70% cocoa solids: 30% mum

Cindy Gallop  


I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.

Sean McGarry  

Baltimore; Charleston Expat; Georgia Bulldog; ENTP; Gentleman Scholar; Semi Colon Aficionado.

Jeremiah Orosco  

Runner, Gambler, Ultimate Piggie, Money Activator, Part-time Lion Tamer. Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

Jenn ‏


Currently at that awkward stage between birth and death.

Eszter Fehér ‏


Local foreigner, marketer, namer, linguister, blogger… Hungarian.

Sara McDonald


I would kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Emily Balcetis

A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move a body. 

Martin Weigel

@mweigel thief

| charlatan | pedant | contrarian | sceptic | amateur | plagiarist | meddler | Head of Planning, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam http://t.co/wzxRigOnYs



Still learning. Queens, NY.

Scott Lachut ‏

@scottlachut  Director of Consulting @PSFK.

After hours Blue Collar Bon Vivant with these dreams inside my head. I’d rather share them with you.

Natarajan Lalgudi ‏


Cranially ambidextrous & experientially versatile, equally passionate about social anthropology & applied math, equally excited by cricket stats & great food

Andrew Pieterick ‏


Student at Wisconsin. Sometimes offensive, mostly ridiculous, always unnecessary.

And the Minerva goes to:

Philippa Dunjay ‏ @PhilippaDunjay

likes short walks on the beach before getting out of breath, complaining about all the sand, why is the water so salty, did you just step on a hermit crab?

All others, please consider yourselves honorably mentioned.