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CxC (the culture and commerce exchange)

This is a note for people who are visiting this blog as a result of the conversation I just had with Jack Conte of Pomplamoose.


Jack and I were noting three things:

1.  The world of commerce (specifically ad agencies and corporations) need a new kind of meaning for advertising and marketing campaigns.  What they need are hand crafted or artisanal meanings.

2.  The world of culture is filled with lots of cultural producers capable of producing these artisanal meanings.

3.  The world needs is some exchange that specializes in matchmaking, bring these two parties together. 

The question is: who is going to build this exchange?

At a minimum, it takes a team of people who canvas two groups, the advertisers on the one hand, the cultural producers on the other.

Would love to hear thoughts and comments below.

Thanks again to Jack for the chat!

Thanks also to Leora Kornfeld who invented the "CxC" formula several years ago.