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Cultural assignments as (or for) a Chief Culture Officer

A friend of mine writes to say she is looking for someone who writes well and can help her "communicate creative projects."

This would be an interesting assignment because a) this person has an extraordinary cultural knowledge, b) she works for an international organization which extraordinary cultural reach, and c) there is a good chance she will end up as a Chief Culture Officer somewhere and,God willing, there.  On all accounts, this would be a great assignment.

Here’s the deal.  If you are interested, send me an email with a one page CV attached. I will pass the email along to my friend unopened and unread.  Please don’t ask me for any additional information.  I know only what I’ve told you.  And please don’t ask me for the secret password for this assignment. It’s secret!

On other matters to do with the Chief Culture Officer, I was thrilled to hear that Goodby, Silverstein and Partners have appointed Barbara Lippert as their pop culture curator. Readers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of the work that Barbara did on advertising for Adweek.  (And I remain convinced that if the New York Times did not harbor a contempt for popular culture, they would have hired Barbara as their advertising critic long ago.)  I owe news of Barbara’s appointment to a friend of this blog (and mine), Rick Liebling. See Rick’s treatment here.  As Rick points out, Goodby, Silverstein also employs Gareth Kay as their head of planning.  This gives the San Francisco firm two powerhouses in the cultural field.


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