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Suits, the USA Network show (Thursday at 10:00), deputed it’s second season this week. It’s promises to be as good as last year and then some.  

I think it’s fair to say that this show has better scripts and acting than Mad Men.  It certainly does more interesting things with the law than Mad Men does with advertising.  

The thing that strikes me most about this show is the casting.  None of the actors here come from big projects or grand careers. It took someone with a particular gift to see the greatness (ok, goodness) of which they were capable.  (Greatness will leave for season 3.) 

Hats off to Rachel Rose Oginsky and the following producers and executive producers:

David Bartis
Gavin Barclay
Nathan Perkins
Jon Cowan
Chevy Chen
Igor Srubshchik
Aaron Korsh
Doug Liman
Gene Klein

Post script.

This scene will show you how Mike got this job.  He is chased into an interview room by men looking for the pot in his briefcase.  And so a new life, and show, begins. CLICK HERE.