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Google + and the late-adopter advantage

Ooph.  To be standing in the intersection, when the new comes roaring through.  My hat, pipe and papers all went flying.  

I finally, belatedly, got my invitation to Google + and I have been fiddling with it.  

On first glance, it feels like an elegant restatement of the social media proposition.  

Indeed, it so simplifies and clarifies that it may actually claim a “late adopter” advantage, forcing on Facebook and Twitter what Veblen once called “the penalty of taking the lead.” 

The fun of being on Google+ as the moment is that it is filled with people doing “edge finding,” trying to figure it what it is, how it works, what you can make it do.  

Please come find me there.  And if you need an invitation, send me an email at grant27@gmail.com.  (But I think by this name the gates may be open, no invitation required.)