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Tommy Hilfiger redeems himself (possibly)

I have always regarded Tommy Hilfiger as someone who helped himself to American culture without much reciprocating.

In fact, Tommy seemed thrice a shoplifter.  His look was a straight steal from the Preppie handbook, real and figurative.  More than that, it was a lift from Ralph Lauren. Finally, he dared himself to the Harvard H.

Tommy was, in short, completely derivative.  That’s the nicest thing you could say about him.

Recently, Hilfiger has been running an ad that does some interesting things for the Preppie look. It’s the "Feast Interruptus" spot now running.  Have a look and let me know what you think this piece does, or doesn’t do, for the Preppie look.  Perhaps Tommy has decided to make a contribution after all.

Hats off to the creative team (as nearly as I can identify them): Francis Lawrence (director), Karl Templer (fashioner), Trey Laird (creative director and CEO of the agency in charge, Laird + Partners).  


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The ad in question: Feast Interruptus click here.