Lasn outs Jewish neo-cons

Controversy surrounds Kalle Lasn. The current issue of his AdBusters has an article entitled “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish.” This is accompanied by a list that details the “50 most influential neo-cons in the U.S.” Twenty-six of the names have black dots beside them.

This confirms that a self appointed critic of the media is an idiot. Mind you, there wasn’t much doubt here. If his argument weren’t so very fashionable, poor Lasn would not ever have been given his own soapbox.

But the article suggests Lasn is something much worse than an idiot. Let’s file this in the “look what just crawled out from under a rock” category.

A list with black dots identifying Jews? Really? Shouldn’t a “media critic” have guessed that the world might take exception to this? Don’t you think a man with even trace elements of historical or cultural sensitivity might have thought this through?

Mr. Lasn, put my name on that list. Add a black dot, if you please.

Adbusters: Why won’t anyone say they are Jewish?

8 thoughts on “Lasn outs Jewish neo-cons

  1. Tom

    This reminds me of a line I heard years ago from an old Jewish man: “if you ever forget you are a Jew, some Gentile will always remind you.”


  2. Karen

    Come on, you guys.

    You are just being bigots and thugs, huring antisemite labels at him.

    If you are truly men, you will actually try to comprehend what he wrote:

    He is not saying all Jews put Israeli interest above American interest. He is saying some Jews who currently have their hands on the war start-stop button possibly put Israeli interest above American interest.

    He has a legitimate point. The link to Likud parties is well documented, unlike the COmmunist witch hunt. The architects of this war are the same ones of the plan for Sharon’s expansion.

    I don’t think you want your names right to theirs, because these neocons, as their protestant counterparts, are truly neo-fascists.

    If you feel you are part of that group, you should stop to examine why you agree with them and you have blood on your little punk hands, and whehter you are fit to call yourselves American.

    It is okay to feel loyalty somewhat to Israel. But be honest. Richard Perle, after all, was indicted as an Israeli spy.


  3. Andy

    the best defense of Isreali/Zionist dogma is to accuse any critiscism with cries of anti-semitism…2 1/2 years later and Lebanon lies in ruins and an Isreali representative responds on French radio by saying that the Lebanese should thank them for the bombardment. my question is, should the same Isreali with that same logic thank Hitler for leading them to the chosen land ?

  4. Steve

    I’m Jewish, although I don’t practice, and wasn’t offended by Lasn’s article in any way. What I found interesting about the article though, was the way in which Jews are exposed as being equally responsible as Christians as far as having religious motives regarding the war in the Middle East. I’m not sure what to make of it, really, and I dont even know much about the subject, but it seems that Jews, who are generally associated with the left, are as much to blame for the situation in Iraq as those on the right, stereotypically being the Christians. I think its a lot of pointing fingers and, as a result, no one is taking action. As far as a solution? I don’t know…. Move to Canada?

  5. david reid

    Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to step back from predudice. There are a lot of morally questionable issues out there- and a lot of blood being spilt. The Jewish nation has a lot to be fearful about – a lot of it’s blood has been historically spilled, but that doesnt mean the Jewish people should become insular and fail to question the motives of its leaders.

    Fear breeds fear.

  6. anarchore

    Zionist Jews are the warmongers and they must be eradicated. If you are offended by the article you are just a filthy Kike who has declared themselves our enemy. How is that going to work out for you, with billions of the world’s people knowing what you are about, and hating you? Jews deserve a REAL holocaust.

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