Lasn outs Lasn

Lasn “did not expect” the intense criticism and cancelled subscriptions with which the world replied to his Adbuster’s essay “Why Won’t Anyone Say They Are Jewish?”

“This has made me feel like I am the victim,” he told the National Post. Cancelled subscriptions made Mr. Lasn feel like a victim? Mr. Lasn has published a list that evoked memories of 1930s Germany. And now he claims he has been made “the victim.”

I know there are people in the world as stupid and insensitive as this. I just didn’t realize they had their own magazines.

Stinson, Scott. 2004. B.C. Magazine Sparks Outcry by “Outing” Jewish neo-cons. National Post. April 2, 2004, p. A5. (sorry, no link possible, NP online is subscriber only)