8 thoughts on “comments!!!

  1. LK

    this is rather hilarious

    we need to come up with a special cultureby.com blog word that we agree is the substitute for the forbidden word or…

    wonder if a s would work, with a space in the a and the s

  2. LK

    no, that doesn’t work. i have removed all the suspect words and replaced them with a space s but no go. it must be something else. your blog is behaving like a VW’s electrical system.

  3. Grant

    Leora, sorry, I have sent MT a question about this and I will see what they say. How annoying! Grant

  4. Tom

    And I’m such a big fan of that word…not only will it not accept that word, but it doesn’t like words that have those two letters contiguous to one another in them!

  5. LK

    so what we need to do is write our posts in word first, then do a find/replace on the letters a and s when they are side by side. the trick will be to come up w/ a consensus for the replacement letters. e.g. the word ma ster would become m**ter.

  6. Joe Grossberg

    If I’m not mistaken, MT doesn’t reject it; such filtering is through plugins.

    Maybe you’re using MTBlacklist with too liberal a regular expression?

  7. Grant

    th@nks to one and @ll for comments and suggestions.

    The present work @round: to use @ word processor’s “search and replace” function to replace “a” for “@”.

    Th@nks to Joe for his suggestion th@t the problem lies with MT Bl@cklist. I h@ve plowed around on the bl@cklist and see a problem. But then I _w@s_ plowing around.

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