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Thanks to the advice of Joe Grossberg, I am able to report that the “comments” field is once more open for business and nuisance-free.

Sorry to all those who were inconvenienced.

And thanks to Joe, and once more to Gabriel Rossman, Steve Portigal, Liz Ditz and Leora Kornfeld for their help with this problem.

Those of you who wish to continue using spelling innovations @re most welcome to do so.


Joe Grossberg

7 thoughts on “Comments All Clear Signal

  1. Joe Grossberg

    No problem.

    BTW, you might want to mention what the issue was — that way if someone Googles for the same problem, they’ll know how to solve it.

  2. Grant


    good point.

    The solution is to evoke the MT Blacklist and from the choices at the top of the page, choose, “List.”

    This will give you “URL fragments.” There are 1500 fragments on my blacklist and you have to scroll through looking for any word without a suffix. I had looked for the word “as” before but had somehow missed it. This time, I found both “as” and “lucid.”

    Presumably, these went into my blacklist when I was deleting spam. So someone has created a “reverse trojan horse” that insinuates desirable tags into the system when it blocks undesirable ones. Cunning. Happily, we know that there is a special place in hell for all spammers.


    p.s., Joe, do you think Google looks through “comments” or only posts?

  3. Joe Grossberg


    This page (000158.html) will be indexed by Google: title, body, comments, etc.

    Which is exactly why jerks want to pam our comment sections in the first place. 😉

  4. Grant

    Joe, yes, of course, what was I thinking. I am still wondering how “as” and “lucid” got into the MTB. If this is a useful anti-anti-spamming device, we should see more of it. Thanks, Grant

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