Thank you, American Demographics

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I don’t look like this image of me from this month’s American Demographics and I sure hope I don’t sound like the person they “quote” there.

They interviewed me over the phone and the result is clumsy and repetitive. Worst, they make the “essay” sound like something by me, instead of something solicited over the phone and then badly transcribed.

How very annoying.

post script: the “comments” field is now bug free.

6 thoughts on “Thank you, American Demographics

  1. Grant

    Nicolas, nothing on the website so far. I am hoping you will give it a wide berth. Grant

  2. Tom

    As the comments are now bug free…I’ll await delivery of my American Demographics to see the article you describe, Grant.

  3. Grant

    But then you _are_ my mother. (No, I’m not kidding, “Mish” is my mom. I believe this is her first comment.) You’ve had years of practice. Thanks for the comment (and for being my mom!) Grant

  4. christopher

    Grant, there is a slight resemblance but you do look better in person; it is almost caricature- like. However, its been quite a while; the last time we met you were working for the ROM in Toronto.

    Oddly enough, minutes before I picked up the most recent issue of American Demographics,I was talking to my firms Director of Account Planning regarding the very subject you touched on in your commentary. The social disorder in peoples lives caused by the current state of our society. Specifically, our society is putting ever increasing demands on people’s time, especially within institutional environments, in the name of productivity.

    Working in the marketing and advertising space, the conversation I was having revolved around products and services to resolve some of the complexity. The research director had quite a jaded opinion about services such as online bill payment, for instance, making a dent in the complex lives of consumers. I can see his point but I think every little bit helps.

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