Beat the system!

From Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution, a link to the Face Analyzer, ‘the only automated face reader in the world.” Submit a picture of yourself on line, and the Face Analyzer will rush to conclusions about your character and intelligence.

Here are the ratings Alex got.

Intelligence: 3.9 (out of 4 maybe but out of 10? I am crushed).
Ambition: 3.7 – low. Low ambition? I’ll show them!
Gay Factor: 1.0 – very low. Good, I think. Maybe. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Politeness: 3.2 – low. Stupid Face Analyzer. What do you know.
Income: 10-30 thousand. Hah!
Promiscuity: 6.1 average. My highest score. Don’t tell my wife.

Alex is right to be unhappy. The Face Analyzer is sure to be used by college admissions and hiring committees everywhere.

Technology to the rescue. Don’t like your face analyzer score? You can beat the system! Use the transformational software from the University of St. Andrew: The Face Morpher. Change your gender, age, race, or aesthetics. Watch those Face Analyzer scores soar!

I offer myself up a test subject. I took this image


and asked the Face Morpher to give me what it calls the Afro Caribbean treatment:

gmmcracken as afro carribean by face morpher.png

Then I asked it to give me the El Greco treatment

mccracken by el greco by Face Morpher.png

I can’t help feeling that looking like Derek Walcott and Isaiah Berlin will be good for my test score and my career opps. Of course, I can’t find out because the Face Analyzer is jammed. This is what happened when you get a nod from Marginal Revolution, as I know from my own experience.

Watch this space.

Yours truly,

mccracken as 50 per cent chimp  by face morpher.png


Thanks to the ever-interesting Steve Portigal for the link to the Face Morpher.

The Face Analyzer can be found here

7 thoughts on “Beat the system!

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  2. Brian Hawkins

    When I finally got through to the Face Analyzer, it told me I was middle eastern and female. Both of which were news to me. So I didn’t really take the personality assesment to heart.

    The face transformer was pretty neat, though. “Older adult” made me look vaguely like my grandfather, and “feminise” made me look like my mother. And I make one scary manga cartoon…

  3. Steve Portigal

    Oh, duhh, it IS screengrabbable – you can do it with whatever Windows (assumuing) PrtScrn thing you’ve got.

    I assumed – again – that since it was Java – you couldn’t grab it. Never mind.

  4. cm

    Oh, that’s just funny! My ancestry may be Scots/Irish/French but apparently my features are Korean/Japanese/Chinese. Perhaps I should try it again with a better picture.

  5. Emily

    can someone give me the URL to get to a site restricted on school computers..preferably myspace.

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