Devolution: one man’s sacrifice

Here are the results of my Face Analyzer results. I couldnÂ’t be more proud.

My usual photo:

face analyzer real photo.png

The “50% chimp” treatment from yesterday:

face analyzer 50 per cent chimp.png

Notice that my “planet of the apes” transformation drops my ratings for intelligence, risk, ambition, the “gay factor,” and income, and an increase in honor, politeness, socialibility, promiscuity. So much for devolution. This really just turns the clock back to the 17th and 18th century, does it not?

I know that some day science will thank me.

2 thoughts on “Devolution: one man’s sacrifice

  1. Liz

    Well, I am white white white–Swiss and English back into the mists of time. According to the face analyzer, though, I am 55% Korean and 45% Chinese.

    I couldn’t figure out how to post the actual results, as you did. Share the secret?

    I also analyzed some odd face photos I have in the inventory (mostly mug shots) not too reliable yet.

    I am not holding my breath on this one.

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