Blog rolling in our time

Here’s the cover of my new book.  Lively and engaging, it is still missing something. 


Exactly.  No kind words, no endorsements, no puffery, no (b)logging rolling.

Consider this a solicitation.  I would be grateful for any and all suggestions.


This book stands like a colossus in its field. Winston Churchill

Great to dance to.  Cher

Keeps doors open real good.  A  friend from high school.

You get the idea.

p.s., book  design by David Drummond.

p.p.s.,  C&C II due out in a couple of weeks. 

14 thoughts on “Blog rolling in our time

  1. Tom Asacker

    How ’bout this: “In age of sequels, prequels, and remakes, I can honestly say that C&C II is way better than the original.”

  2. Grant

    Tom, beauty, and it has the advantage of being true, I believe. Thanks, Grant

  3. LK

    How about something like:

    Emblematic of the enroaching age of plenitude it combines both cursive writing and block lettering

  4. Matthew Peek

    Bound in standardized widths, owning multiple copies makes it convenient and easy to fashionably level all your household furnishings.

  5. Grant

    LK and Matthew, I think its praise like this that keep us at our desk long into the night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Grant

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  7. fourobotros

    “If your ActionGrant!(R) poseable figure is missing from this package, please see store manager.”

    Congrats, Grant. Looking forward to a good read.


  8. Grant

    Thank you, everyone. I couldn’t ask for higher words of praise. But endorsements are now pouring in from all sides, including Warner Brothers who just snapped up the movie rights. John C. Reilly had agreed to play me. Steve Portigal’s part will be played by Brandon Routh, Fourobotros by Ralph Fiennes, LK by Jennifer Garner, Ed Batista by Jake Gyllenhaal, MEL by Jon Stewart, with other parts still to be filled. Grant

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