Open Source Radio (WGBH)

In transit today to do the Open Source show on WGBH and to see old pals in Cambridge.

The show tonight is called "Attention, calling all future historians."  Show time is 7:00. 

The Open Source  link is down.   Here is the way they describe what they do. 

Open Source from PRI is a LIVE on-air conversation designed to capture the sound of the Web, embracing the Internet transformation of media as host Christopher Lydon engages callers, e-mailers, and bloggers from around the world on a range of topics.

Open Source from PRI aims to begin conversations on the Web each day and invite a worldwide audience to contribute topics, guests, and information that advance understanding of issues and ideas. Whether dissecting the perils of war, disease, and hunger or the pleasures of cultural connections and the promise of science and medicine, Lydon and company pursue a topic’s inherent global dimensions via the Internet.

"My ambition, with producer Mary McGrath, is to thread the seeming chaos of the Web into a coherent skein of ideas and argument," says Lydon. "We want to launch the smartest, most wide-open, democratic conversation anyone’s ever been invited to join, in any format. The Internet transition we’re living through is a boundless opportunity. It extends the rim of the roundtable and the range of the give-and-take to the whole planet."

And, yes, that  penultimate sentence does make you wonder what they think they are doing inviting me. 

4 thoughts on “Open Source Radio (WGBH)

  1. Ennis

    And did Chris actually stop talking long enough for his guests to say something interesting to each other? That was my frustration with the Connection – he liked the sound of his own voice so much that he crowded out the people who actually knew something. Even though he had founded the show, it got much better after he left.

  2. Jason Scott

    Poor Mr. Lydon (who I adore) barely got a word in edgewise because he booked me, the Nuclear Option of guests; I’m an unstoppable talker, enough that people who know me have to use a series of increasingly-frantic hand and eye gestures to let me know I’ve taken the audience to a special, faraway place.

    Grant and I were given plenty of room to talk and to interact, and in fact Mr. Lydon was surprised that this was the first time we’ve met. (Hopefully it won’t be the last time?)

    It was a great evening.

  3. Grant

    Ennis, I thought the interview went pretty well. Lydon and crew are doing lots of just in time assembly in the creation of a CAS, and that was interesting to watch. Hopefully lots of listeners will start creating or preserving their archives and in that event, we did our jobs. Thanks, Grant

    Jason, great pleasure to meet you and to share a studio with you. I thought you did a fine job and that together we made a credible showing for the idea. I hope we can stay in touch. Thanks again. Grant

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