Buy this book II!

Flock_and_flowForgive me turning this blog into a book store window, but here’s another book I recommend to your attention.

Conflict of interest declaration: I wrote it. 

Flock and Flow has just appeared.  It applies complexity theory to the turbulence of contemporary cultures and markets.  It builds "early warning systems" for marketer.

Amazon has it here

I am still on vacation! 

9 thoughts on “Buy this book II!

  1. Dino

    Excellent, can’t wait to get this from Amazon.

    You had a post a while back about building something like a trend prediction model, and this sounds something like it from your description. Really interesting stuff!

    Congrats, Grant!


  2. J. Duncan Berry

    Got the book Friday from Amazon, started it this morning and — as I suspected — it is terrific. A stunning accomplishment, Grant. Masterful prose, deep insight, compelling findings.

  3. Peter

    Grant — I ordered this from Amazon UK the day you posted, but it seems they had to source it from the US. It arrived yesterday and I’m about half-way through. So far, it’s up to your usual high standard mix of elegant prose and stunning insights, ie, wonderful!

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