An ethnography of the ethnographer

Ethnographers_camera_1 Finally, the ethnographic camera has been turned on the ethnographer himself. 

Here is a "warts and all" portrait of Jean Claude Claris and the ethnography he did for Google in preparation for the YouTube purchase.

It’s hardhitting.  It’s honest.  It’s raw.  It’s real.  (Ok, realish.)

Claris, Jean Claude.  2006.  Confidential Video for Google Internal Use Only.  here.

5 thoughts on “An ethnography of the ethnographer

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  2. nalts

    Actually it’s a spoof of a hacks that he complained about. As I sat through his presentation I couldn’t help but imagine a spoof of an ethnographic research gone sour. I was going to have him interupting the well-intentioned subject but the French accent was falling apart.

  3. Adam Richardson

    I was being a bit too subtle…undoubtedly this is a spoof of the hacks. I love the scene in the car where he talks about his “qualifications” to be an ethnographer. I couldn’t help thinking he was taking the mickey out of Clotaire Rapaille also.

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