Our Microsoft deliverance

Google_docs_presentations It’s here.  Google Powerpoint, aka Presentations, has arrived. 

I haven’t seen any fanfare.  It was rumored in February and again in April.  The official confirmation came on September 17, 2007 on the Google Blog. I found it at Google Docs and Spreadsheets when I checked today. 

This is a momentous occasion.  It marks the end of the Microsoft hegemony.  Between them, Google and Firefox now give us an entire suite, a web browser, a word processor, a spreadsheet, gmail and now Powerpoint.  God almighty, we are free at last. 

So why not more publicity?  Why a not a little celebration?  I can’t believe that I found out about my liberation by accident.  Google must do more.

My family will treat September 17 as a special day.  I will be very surprised if we don’t gather each year at the dining room table to thank God for our deliverance from the pharaonic Microsoft. 


The announcement from The Official Google Blog, here.

Have a go at Googles Presentations, here

2 thoughts on “Our Microsoft deliverance

  1. Steve Portigal

    From what I read, it imports PowerPoint, but oops, does not export it. Maybe that’ll change but that renders it pretty much useless. Render as in “render unto Caesar.”

  2. Inaudible Nonsense

    There are two other options, of course:

    (a) Get a Mac and use the beautiful Keynote

    (b) Read Tufte and forever swear of presentation software, period, once you’ve seen the light

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