Leo Reynolds, pattern finder

Leo Reynolds is interested in letters, numbers, circles, and circles in squares (among other things).  And when he finds one of these, he takes a photograph.  

Reynolds’ Flickr photostream stands at 83,470 photos.  (To take this many photos we would have to take a photo every hour of the day for 9 years.)  

But it’s not volume.  It’s subject matter.  What Reynolds especially likes, apparently, is repetition that creates diverse sets of the same thing.  This gives him sameness and difference in roughly equal proportion

Here is one of his mosaics.  

Yes, it’s a little obsessive.  But companionably so.  Who wouldn’t like to find/make this much order in the world?  

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  1. Francisco Giovanni Vieira

    I don’t know what the other people think. But definitely, it’s boring, boring and boring, need to keep changing the website to read your posts. I think you shoul decide if you publish them here or there (HBR).

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