Dark Value (repriced!)

man working on cool calculationsI’ve changed the price of Dark Value from $7.77 to $2.99.  (It took a long time and my sticker gun is smoking.) You can get it here.

I do so on advice of learned council, Leora Kornfeld. I don’t believe there is anyone alive who knows more about digital DIY than Leora. See her endlessly interesting blog here.

My original plan had been to price the book at the cost of a Starbucks’ coffee. (Someone recently said this was fast becoming a new international measure of value.) Then I thought, “what if the economists are right, that price is a signal of quality? Would Starbucks pricing discourage purchase?”

But Leora reassures me that “you have to make cheap it enough so people don’t have a chance to pause and think about it” and I think $2.99 is that price. (Those of you who purchased a copy of the book, family members mostly, please send me your email and address and I will send you a crisp $5.00 bill.)


2 thoughts on “Dark Value (repriced!)

  1. Dragon

    It’s good advice, because I almost bought it, but didn’t think it was a price I wanted to bite at. I chose the free sample, but it also didn’t help that you positioned it as something you just pulled out of the drawer. It set the expectation for low editing, underdeveloped thought and a 40 page ebook.

    1. Grant Post author

      Dragon, thanks. Good thinking on the “just pulled out of the drawer” observation. You can be the judge of this, but I think it’s well developed thinking. (Or, as well developed as my thinking ever gets.) And this is where I now apologize for being a too-apologetic Canadian.

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