Dark Value, a new book published today

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Here’s the abstract for my new book:

Innovators like Airbnb, Uber and Netflix are creating dark value. They are creating features and benefits they didn’t  intend and don’t always grasp. And because this value is hard to see, it’s hard to monetize. I believe dark value is a chronic problem in the innovation and sharing economies. To observe one implication of the dark value argument: Airbnb, Uber and Netflix are charging too little.

We will examine dark value created by AirBnb, Uber, Netflix, Evernote, Fitbit, and Facebook. We will show how to make dark value visible in three steps: 1. discover, 2. determine, and 3. declare. Ethnographers, designers, VCs, creatives, planners, PR professionals, marketers, story tellers, curators, programmers, content creators, and social media experts all have a part to play. For all of them, Dark value represents a new professional opportunity and a new revenue stream.

You can buy Dark Value on Amazon here.

Why buy it? If you are a culture creative in design, marketing, planning, ethnography, advertising, curation, this is a treasure map. It will also help you find new revenue streams, as you find dark value for others.  (It now occurs to me that “A Treasure Map” should have been my subtitle.)

What will it cost you? The price is $2.99. It will take you about 30 minutes to read. If you buy a copy, please send me an email and I will put you on a mailing list for updates. I’m thinking about a Keynote deck, and you would get this for free.


5 thoughts on “Dark Value, a new book published today

  1. Virginia Postrel

    Tips have never been part of the Uber fare. What’s happening now is that as part of the settlement Uber has to let drivers explicitly ask for tips. But Uber is so far refusing to make tips part of its app.

    1. grant27

      Virginia, I’ve been tipping for some time. It doesn’t apply across the board. But it does it exist. And when it exists, it simplifies marvelously, as you say. Here’s what the Uber website says:


      You can change your default gratuity percentage for uberTAXI trips by signing in at the link below. This setting will only apply in cities where uberTAXI is offered and does not affect fares on other products such as uberX or UberBLACK.

      To change your default uberTAXI gratuity amount:
      – Navigate to “Payment”
      – Select your preferred gratuity percentage from the dropdown menu

      Please note: the gratuity you select will apply to all future taxi trips that you request and pay for through Uber. It will not affect uberT trips, where in-app payment is not supported.


  2. Joan Peterdi

    For electronically/digitally challenged fans, is there a way to purchase a print version of the book?(Just stating this causes me a Wicked Grin, but I’m serious, Grant.)

  3. laura

    Looks very interesting. I’m intrigued and certainly impressed that you turned it out in 48 hours! I don’t use Amazon, but I might need to make an exception for this one.

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